Monday, January 30, 2012

1112.3526 (Christoph Kopper et al.)

Regularized path integrals and anomalies -- U(1) chiral gauge theory    [PDF]

Christoph Kopper, Benjamin Lévêque
We analyse the origin of the Adler anomaly of chiral U(1) gauge theory within
the framework of regularized path integrals. Momentum or position space
regulators allow for mathematically well-defined path integrals but violate
local gauge symmetry. It is known how (nonanomalous) gauge symmetry can be
recovered in the renormalized theory in this case [1]. Here we analyse U(1)
chiral gauge theory to show how the appearance of anomalies manifests itself in
such a context. We show that the three-photon amplitude leads to a violation of
the Slavnov-Taylor-Identities which cannot be restored on taking the UV limit
in the renormalized theory. We point out that this fact is related to the
nonanalyticity of this amplitude in the infrared region.
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