Friday, June 15, 2012

1206.3052 (David J. Foulis et al.)

Dimension theory for generalized effect algebras    [PDF]

David J. Foulis, Sylvia Pulmannova
In this paper we define and study dimension generalized effect algebras (DGEAs), i.e., Dedekind orthocomplete and centrally orthocomplete generalized effect algebras equipped with a dimension equivalence relation. Our theory is a bona fide generalization of the theory of dimension effect algebras (DEAs), i.e., it is formulated so that, if a DGEA happens to be an effect algebra (i.e., it has a unit element), then it is a DEA. We prove that a DGEA decomposes into type I, II, and III DGEAS in a manner analogous to the type I/II/III decomposition of a DEA.
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