Monday, October 22, 2012

1210.5331 (C. V. Sukumar)

Recurrence relations and path representations of matrix elements of an
SU(1,1) algebra

C. V. Sukumar
It is shown that a SU(1,1) algebra may be used to provide a unified description of the simple hamonic oscillator and the angular momentum algebras and a class of other semi-infinite algebras. A normal ordered representation of a Unitary operator $U$ constructed from the generators of a SU(1,1) algebra, which is a generalisation of the Baker- Campbell - Hausdorff relation for Lie algebras, is given. It is shown that the normal ordered representatiion of $U$ may be used to calculate expectation values which are functions of the parameters used to construct the operator. The functions so constructed satisfy certain recurrence relations and the entire set of functions may be interpreted in terms of diagrams similar to the Pascal triangle for binomial coefficients. Coherent states, squeezed states and rotation matrices of the angular momentum algebra emerge as special cases.
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