Monday, October 22, 2012

1210.5409 (Mihail Mintchev et al.)

Luttinger Liquid in Non-equilibrium Steady State    [PDF]

Mihail Mintchev, Paul Sorba
We propose and investigate an exactly solvable model of non-equilibrium Luttinger liquid on a star graph, modeling a multi-terminal quantum wire junction. The boundary condition at the junction is fixed by an orthogonal matrix S, which describes the splitting of the electric current among the leads. The system is driven away from equilibrium by connecting the leads to heat baths at different temperatures and chemical potentials. The associated non-equilibrium steady state depends on S and is explicitly constructed. In this context we develop a non-equilibrium bosonization procedure and compute some basic correlation functions. Luttinger liquids with general anyon statistics are considered. The relative momentum distribution away from equilibrium turns out to be the convolution of equilibrium anyon distributions at different temperatures. Both the charge and heat transport are studied. The exact current-current correlation function is derived and the zero-frequency noise power is determined.
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