Monday, December 10, 2012

1110.3740 (Abhijit Gadde et al.)

Gauge Theories and Macdonald Polynomials    [PDF]

Abhijit Gadde, Leonardo Rastelli, Shlomo S. Razamat, Wenbin Yan
We study the N=2 four-dimensional superconformal index in various interesting limits, such that only states annihilated by more than one supercharge contribute. Extrapolating from the SU(2) generalized quivers, which have a Lagrangian description, we conjecture explicit formulae for all A-type quivers of class S, which in general do not have one. We test our proposals against several expected dualities. The index can always be interpreted as a correlator in a two-dimensional topological theory, which we identify in each limit as a certain deformation of two-dimensional Yang-Mills theory. The structure constants of the topological algebra are diagonal in the basis of Macdonald polynomials of the holonomies.
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