Monday, December 10, 2012

1212.1691 (Aleksey Kostenko et al.)

Spectral theory of semibounded Schrödinger operators with

Aleksey Kostenko, Mark Malamud
We study spectral properties of Hamiltonians $\rH_{X,\gB,q}$ with $\delta'$-point interactions on a discrete set $X={x_k}_{k=1}^\infty\subset\R_+$. %at the centers $x_n$ on the positive half line in terms of energy forms. Using the form approach, we establish analogs of some classical results on operators $\rH_q=-d^2/dx^2+q$ with locally integrable potentials $q\in L^1_{\loc}(\R_+)$. In particular, we establish analogues of the Glazman-Povzner-Wienholtz theorem, the Molchanov discreteness criterion, and the Birman theorem on stability of an essential spectrum. It turns out that in contrast to the case of Hamiltonians with $\delta$-interactions, spectral properties of operators $\rH_{X,\gB,q}$ are closely connected with those of $\rH_{X,q}^N=\oplus_{k}\rH_{q,k}^N$, where $\rH_{q,k}^N$ is the Neumann realization of $-d^2/dx^2+q$ in $L^2(x_{k-1},x_k)$.
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