Monday, December 10, 2012

1212.1630 (Motohisa Fukuda et al.)

Asymptotically well-behaved input states do not violate additivity for
conjugate pairs of random quantum channels

Motohisa Fukuda, Ion Nechita
It is now well-known that, with high probability, the additivity of minimum output entropy does not hold for a pair of a random quantum channel and its complex conjugate. We investigate asymptotic behavior of output states of $r$-tensor powers of such pairs, as the dimension of inputs grows. We compute the limit output states for any sequence of well-behaved inputs, which consist of a large class of input states having a nice set of parameters. Then, we show that among these input states tensor products of Bell states give asymptotically the least output entropy, giving positive mathematical evidence towards additivity of above pairs of channels.
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