Wednesday, December 5, 2012

1212.0583 (Tamar Friedmann et al.)

The String Landscape: On Formulas for Counting Vacua    [PDF]

Tamar Friedmann, Richard P. Stanley
We derive formulas for counting certain classes of vacua in the string/M theory landscape. We do so in the context of the moduli space of M-theory compactifications on singular manifolds with G_2 holonomy. Particularly, we count the numbers of gauge theories with different gauge groups but equal numbers of U(1) factors which are dual to each other. The vacua correspond to various symmetry breaking patterns of grand unified theories. Counting these dual vacua is equivalent to counting the number of conjugacy classes of elements of finite order inside Lie groups. We also point out certain cases where the conventional expectation is that symmetry breaking patterns by Wilson lines and Higgs fields are the same, but we show they are in fact different.
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