Wednesday, January 30, 2013

1301.6911 (Raphaël Cerf et al.)

A Curie-Weiss Model of Self-Organized Criticality    [PDF]

Raphaël Cerf, Matthias Gorny
We try to design a simple model exhibiting self-organized criticality, which is amenable to a rigorous mathematical analysis. To this end, we modify the generalized Ising Curie-Weiss model by implementing an automatic control of the inverse temperature. For a class of symmetric distributions whose density satisfies some integrability conditions, we prove that the sum $S_{n}$ of the random variables behaves as in the typical critical generalized Ising Curie-Weiss model. The fluctuations are of order $n^{3/4}$ and the limiting law is $C \exp(-\lambda x^{4})\,dx$ where $C$ and $\lambda$ are suitable positive constants.
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