Wednesday, January 30, 2013

1301.7028 (Mahouton Norbert Hounkonnou et al.)

$(q;l,λ)-$deformed Heisenberg algebra: representations, special
functions and quantization

Mahouton Norbert Hounkonnou, Sama Arjika, Ezinvi Baloïtcha
This paper addresseson a new characterization of Sudarshan's diagonal representation of the density matrix elements $\rho(z',z)$, derived from the constructed $(q;l,\lambda)-$deformed boson coherent states. The induced $\rho(z',z)$ self-reproducing property with the associated self-reproducing kernel $K(z',z)$ is computed and analyzed. An explicit construction, including the recursion relation of novel generalized continuous $(q;l,\lambda)-$Hermite polynomials is provided. New classes of these polynomials are deduced with the exact resolution of the moment problems giving their orthogonality weight functions. Besides, the Berezin-Klauder-Toeplitz quantization of classical phase space observables and relevant normal and anti normal forms are determined and discussed.
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