Wednesday, January 30, 2013

1301.6935 (Velimir M. Ilic et al.)

Comments on "A two-parameter generalization of Shannon-Khinchin Axioms
and the uniqueness theorem"

Velimir M. Ilic, Edin H. Mulalic, Miomir S. Stankovic
Wada and Suyari proposed a two-parameter generalization of Shannon-Khinchin axioms (TGSK axioms) [T. Wada and H. Suyari, Physics Letters A, 368(3)]. We derive a new class of entropies which differs from Wada-Suyari's class by fixing the incorrectness which occurs in the mentioned paper. Also, we consider a two-parameter class of entropies derived from the maxent principle proposed in [Kaniadakis, G. and Lissia, M. and Scarfone, AM, Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 340(1)]. We rederived this class by changing initial condition, obtaining the same class as our class derived from TGSK axioms.
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