Wednesday, February 13, 2013

1302.2739 (Adrian Mihai Ionescu et al.)

Transverse Killing and twistor spinors associated to the basic Dirac

Adrian Mihai Ionescu, Vladimir Slesar, Mihai Visinescu, Gabriel-Eduard Vilcu
We study the interplay between basic Dirac operator and transverse Killing and twistor spinors. In order to obtain results for general Riemannian foliations with bundle-like metric we consider transverse Killing spinors that appear as natural extension of the harmonic spinors associated with the basic Dirac operator. In the case of foliations with basic-harmonic mean curvature it turns out that these Killing spinors and twistor spinors coincide with the standard definition. We obtain the corresponding version of classical results on closed Riemannian manifold with spin structure, extending some previous results.
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