Wednesday, March 28, 2012

1102.2009 (Kenichi Ito et al.)

Microlocal properties of scattering matrices for Schrödinger equations
on scattering manifolds

Kenichi Ito, Shu Nakamura
Let $M$ be a scattering manifold, i.e., a Riemannian manifold with asymptotically conic structure, and let $H$ be a Schr\"odinger operator on $M$. We can construct a natural time-dependent scattering theory for $H$ with a suitable reference system, and the scattering matrix is defined accordingly. We here show the scattering matrices are Fourier integral operators associated to a canonical transform on the boundary manifold generated by the geodesic flow. In particular, we learn that the wave front sets are mapped according to the canonical transform. These results are generalizations of a theorem by Melrose and Zworski, but the framework and the proof are quite different. These results may be considered as generalizations or refinements of the classical off-diagonal smoothness of the scattering matrix for 2-body quantum scattering on Euclidean spaces.
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