Wednesday, March 28, 2012

1203.5894 (M. Ruggenthaler et al.)

Density-potential mappings in quantum dynamics    [PDF]

M. Ruggenthaler, K. J. H Giesbertz, M. Penz, R. van Leeuwen
In a recent letter [Europhys. Lett. 95, 13001 (2011)] the question of whether the density of a time-dependent quantum system determines its external potential was reformulated as a fixed point problem. This idea was used to generalize the existence and uniqueness theorems underlying time-dependent density functional theory. In this work we extend this proof to allow for more general norms and provide a numerical implementation of the fixed-point iteration scheme. We focus on the one-dimensional case as it allows for a more in-depth analysis using singular Sturm-Liouville theory and at the same time provides an easy visualization of the numerical applications in space and time. We give an explicit relation between the boundary conditions on the density and the convergence properties of the fixed-point procedure via the spectral properties of the associated Sturm-Liouville operator. We show precisely under which conditions discrete and continuous spectra arise and give explicit examples. These conditions are then used to show that in the most physically relevant cases the fixed point procedure converges. This is further demonstrated with an example.
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