Wednesday, March 28, 2012

1203.5868 (Satoru Odake et al.)

Multi-indexed (q)-Racah Polynomials    [PDF]

Satoru Odake, Ryu Sasaki
As the second stage of the project $multi-indexed orthogonal polynomials$, we present, in the framework of `discrete quantum mechanics' with real shifts in one dimension, the multi-indexed (q)-Racah polynomials. They are obtained from the (q)-Racah polynomials by multiple application of the discrete analogue of the Darboux transformations or the Crum-Krein-Adler deletion of `virtual state' vectors of type I and II, in a similar way to the multi-indexed Laguerre and Jacobi polynomials reported earlier. The virtual state vectors are the `solutions' of the matrix Schr\"odinger equation with negative `eigenvalues', except for one of the two boundary points.
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