Wednesday, March 28, 2012

1203.5833 (M. Asorey et al.)

Generalized quantum tomographic maps    [PDF]

M. Asorey, P. Facchi, V. I. Man'ko, G. Marmo, S. Pascazio, E. C. G. Sudarshan
Some non-linear generalizations of classical Radon tomography were recently introduced by M. Asorey et al [Phys. Rev. A 77, 042115 (2008), where the straight lines of the standard Radon map are replaced by quadratic curves (ellipses, hyperbolas, circles) or quadratic surfaces (ellipsoids, hyperboloids, spheres). We consider here the quantum version of this novel non-linear approach and obtain, by systematic use of the Weyl map, a tomographic encoding approach to quantum states. Non-linear quantum tomograms admit a simple formulation within the framework of the star-product quantization scheme and the reconstruction formulae of the density operators are explicitly given in a closed form, with an explicit construction of quantizers and dequantizers. The role of symmetry groups behind the generalized tomographic maps is analyzed in some detail. We also introduce new generalizations of the standard singular dequantizers of the symplectic tomographic schemes, where the Dirac delta-distributions of operator-valued arguments are replaced by smooth window functions, giving rise to the new concept of "thick" quantum tomography. Applications for quantum state measurements of photons and matter waves are discussed.
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