Monday, January 14, 2013

1111.2539 (Christian Saemann et al.)

On Twistors and Conformal Field Theories from Six Dimensions    [PDF]

Christian Saemann, Martin Wolf
We discuss chiral zero-rest-mass field equations on six-dimensional space-time from a twistorial point of view. Specifically, we present a detailed cohomological analysis, develop both Penrose and Penrose-Ward transforms, and analyse the corresponding contour integral formulae. We also give twistor space action principles. We then dimensionally reduce the twistor space of six-dimensional space-time to obtain twistor formulations of various theories in lower dimensions. Besides well-known twistor spaces, we also find a novel twistor space amongst these reductions, which turns out to be suitable for a twistorial description of self-dual strings. For these reduced twistor spaces, we explain the Penrose and Penrose-Ward transforms as well as contour integral formulae.
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