Monday, January 14, 2013

1301.2449 (Alexander D. Scott et al.)

Complete monotonicity for inverse powers of some combinatorially defined

Alexander D. Scott, Alan D. Sokal
We prove the complete monotonicity on (0,\infty)^n for suitable inverse powers of the spanning-tree polynomials of graphs and, more generally, of the basis generating polynomials of certain classes of matroids. This generalizes a result of Szego and answers, among other things, a long-standing question of Lewy and Askey concerning the positivity of Taylor coefficients for certain rational functions. Our proofs are based on two_ab initio_ methods for proving that P^{-\beta} is completely monotone on a convex cone C: the determinantal method and the quadratic-form method. These methods are closely connected with harmonic analysis on Euclidean Jordan algebras (or equivalently on symmetric cones). We furthermore have a variety of constructions that, given such polynomials, can create other ones with the same property: among these are algebraic analogues of the matroid operations of deletion, contraction, direct sum, parallel connection, series connection and 2-sum. The complete monotonicity of P^{-\beta} for some \beta > 0 can be viewed as a strong quantitative version of the half-plane property (Hurwitz stability) for P, and is also related to the Rayleigh property for matroids.
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