Monday, January 14, 2013

1301.2573 (Andrey Melnikov)

Solution of the Boussinesq equation using evolutionary vessels    [PDF]

Andrey Melnikov
In this work we present a solution of the Boussinesq equation. The derived formulas include solitons, Schwartz class solutions and solutions, possessing singularities on a closed set Z of the (x,t) domain, obtained from the zeros of the tau function. The idea for solving the Boussinesq equation is identical to the (unified) idea of solving the KdV and the evolutionary NLS equations: we use a theory of evolutionary vessels. But a more powerful theory of non-symmetric evolutionary vessels is presented, inserting flexibility into the construction and allowing to deal with complex-valued solutions. A powerful scattering theory of Deift-Tomei-Trubowitz for a three dimensional operator, which is used to solve the Boussinesq equation, fits into our setting only in a particular case. On the other hand, we create a much wider class of solutions of the Boussinesq equation with singularities on a closed set $Z$.
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