Wednesday, March 20, 2013

1108.1588 (Andrey Akhmeteli)

No Drama Quantum Electrodynamics?    [PDF]

Andrey Akhmeteli
This article builds on recent work (A. Akhmeteli, Int'l Journ. of Quantum Information, vol. 9, Suppl. (2011) p. 17, and A. Akhmeteli, Journ. Math. Phys., vol. 52 (2011) p. 082303), providing a theory that is based on spinor electrodynamics, is described by a system of partial differential equations in 3+1 dimensions, but reproduces unitary evolution of a quantum field theory in the Fock space. To this end, after introduction of a complex four-potential of electromagnetic field, which generates the same electromagnetic fields as the initial real four-potential, spinor field is algebraically eliminated from the equations of spinor electrodynamics. It is proven that the resulting equations for electromagnetic field describe independent evolution of the latter and can be embedded into a quantum field theory using a generalized Carleman linearization procedure. The theory provides a simple and at least reasonably realistic model, valuable for interpretation of quantum theory. The issues related to the Bell theorem are discussed.
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