Wednesday, March 20, 2013

1303.4610 (Vladimir Georgescu et al.)

Resolvent and propagation estimates for Klein-Gordon equations with
non-positive energy

Vladimir Georgescu, Christian Gérard, Dietrich Haefner
We study in this paper an abstract class of Klein-Gordon equations: \[ \p_{t}^{2}\phi(t)- 2\i k \p_{t}\phi(t)+ h \phi(t)=0, \] where $\phi: \rr\to \cH$, $\cH$ is a (complex) Hilbert space, and $h$, $k$ are self-adjoint, resp. symmetric operators on $\cH$. We consider their generators $H$ (resp. $K$) in the two natural spaces of Cauchy data, the {\em energy} (resp. {\em charge}) {\em spaces}. We do not assume that the dynamics generated by $H$ or $K$ has any positive conserved quantity, in particular these operators may have complex spectrum. Assuming conditions on $h$ and $k$ which allow to use the theory of selfadjoint operators on {\em Krein spaces}, we prove weighted estimates on the boundary values of the resolvents of $H$, $K$ on the real axis. From these resolvent estimates we obtain corresponding propagation estimates on the behavior of the dynamics for large times. Examples include wave or Klein-Gordon equations on asymptotically euclidean or asymptotically hyperbolic manifolds, minimally coupled with an external electro-magnetic field decaying at infinity.
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