Thursday, July 25, 2013

1307.6247 (Balachandra Suri et al.)

Velocity Profile in a Two-Layer Kolmogorov-Like Flow    [PDF]

Balachandra Suri, Jeffrey Tithof, Radford Mitchell Jr, Roman O. Grigoriev, Michael F. Schatz
In this article we discuss flows in shallow, stratified horizontal layers of two immiscible fluids. The top layer is an electrolyte which is electromagnetically driven and the bottom layer is a dielectric fluid. Using a quasi-two-dimensional approximation, we derive the depth-averaged two-dimensional (2D) vorticity equation which includes a prefactor to the advection term, previously unaccounted for. In addition, we study how the horizontal components of velocity vary in the vertical direction. For a Kolmogorov-like flow, we evaluate analytical expressions for the coefficients in the generalized 2D vorticity equation, uncovering their dependence on experimental parameters. To test the accuracy of these estimates, we experimentally measure the horizontal velocity fields at the free-surface and at the electrolyte-dielectric interface using particle image velocimetry (PIV). We show that there is excellent agreement between the analytical predictions and the experimental measurements. Our analysis shows that by increasing the viscosity of the electrolyte relative to that of the dielectric, one may significantly improve the uniformity of the flow along the vertical direction.
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