Thursday, July 25, 2013

1307.6314 (Fabien Candelier et al.)

Note on the method of matched-asymptotic expansions for determining the
force acting on a particle

Fabien Candelier, Rabah Mehaddi, Olivier Vauquelin
This paper is an addendum to the article by Candelier, Mehaddi & Vauquelin (2013) where the motion of a particle in a stratified fluid is investigated theoretically, at small Reynolds and P\'eclet numbers. We review briefly the method of matched asymptotic expansions which is generally used in order to determine the force acting on a particle embedded in a given flow, in order to account for small, but finite, inertia effects. As part of this method, we present an alternative matching procedure, which is based on a series expansion of the far-field solution of the problem, performed in the sense of generalized functions. The way to perform such a series is presented succinctly and a simple example is provided.
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