Wednesday, July 4, 2012

1207.0582 (Won-Kwang Park)

Multi-frequency topological derivative for an approximate shape
acquisition of curve-like thin electromagnetic inhomogeneities

Won-Kwang Park
In this paper, we consider an imaging algorithm based on the topological derivative in order to retrieve the shape of penetrable electromagnetic inclusions when their dielectric permittivity and/or magnetic permeability differ from the one of the embedding (homogeneous) material. The main focus is the imaging of crack-like thin inclusions but the algorithm can be applied to the arbitrary shaped inclusions. For this purpose, we apply multiple time-harmonic frequencies and propose normalize topological derivative imaging function by its maximum value. In order to show its validation, we apply it for imaging of two-dimensional crack-like thin electromagnetic inhomogeneities completely hidden in a homogeneous material. Corresponding numerical simulations with noisy data are performed for showing efficacy of proposed algorithm.
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