Wednesday, July 4, 2012

1207.0766 (J. Mathieu et al.)

The bicomplex quantum Coulomb potential problem    [PDF]

J. Mathieu, L. Marchildon, D. Rochon
Generalizations of the complex number system underlying the mathematical formulation of quantum mechanics have been known for some time, but the use of the commutative ring of bicomplex numbers for that purpose is relatively new. This paper provides an analytical solution of the quantum Coulomb potential problem formulated in terms of bicomplex numbers. We define the problem by introducing a bicomplex hamiltonian operator and extending the canonical commutation relations to a form like [X_i,P_k] = i_1 hbar xi delta_{ik} I, where xi is a bicomplex number. Following Pauli's algebraic method, we find the eigenvalues of the bicomplex hamiltonian. These eigenvalues are also obtained, along with appropriate eigenfunctions, by solving the extension of Schrodinger's time-independent differential equation. Examples of solutions are displayed. There is an orthonormal system of solutions that belongs to a bicomplex Hilbert space.
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