Wednesday, July 4, 2012

1207.0731 (Walter Arne et al.)

Finite volume approach for the instationary Cosserat rod model
describing the spinning of viscous jets

Walter Arne, Nicole Marheineke, Andreas Meister, Raimund Wegener
The spinning of slender viscous jets can be described asymptotically by one-dimensional models that consist of systems of partial and ordinary differential equations. Whereas the well-established string models possess only solutions for certain choices of parameters and set-ups, the more sophisticated rod model that can be considered as $\epsilon$-regularized string is generally applicable. But containing the slenderness ratio $\epsilon$ explicitely in the equations complicates the numerical treatment. In this paper we present the first instationary simulations of a rod in a rotational spinning process for arbitrary parameter ranges with free and fixed jet end, for which the hitherto investigations longed. So we close an existing gap in literature. The numerics is based on a finite volume approach with mixed central, up- and down-winded differences, the time integration is performed by stiff accurate Radau methods.
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