Thursday, February 28, 2013

1302.6712 (Kazuyasu Shigemoto)

The Elliptic Function in Statistical Integrable Models II    [PDF]

Kazuyasu Shigemoto
Two dimensional statistical integrable models, such as the Ising model, the chiral Potts model and the Belavin model, becomes integrable. Because of the SU(2) symmetry of these models, these models become integrable. The integral models are often parameterized by the elliptic function or the elliptic theta function. In this paper, we study the Ising model, and we show that the Yang-Baxter equation of the Ising model can be written as the integrability condition of SU(2), and we gives the natural explanation why the Ising model can be parameterized by the elliptic function by connecting the spherical trigonometry relation and the elliptic function. Addition formula of the elliptic function is the secret of the exact solvability of the Ising model.
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