Thursday, February 28, 2013

1302.6724 (Rosa Navarro)

Filiform Lie algebras of order 3    [PDF]

Rosa Navarro
The aim of this work is to generalize a very important type of Lie algebras and superalgebras, i.e. filiform Lie (super)algebras, into the theory of Lie algebras of order F. Thus, the concept of filiform Lie algebras of order F is obtained. In particular, for F=3 it has been proved that in order to obtain all the class of filiform elementary Lie algebras of order 3 it is only necessary determine the infinitesimal deformations of the associated model elementary Lie algebra, analogously as that occurs into the theory of Lie algebras (Verge, 1970). Using this method we also obtain some families of filiform elementary lie algebras of order 3.
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