Thursday, February 28, 2013

1302.6928 (Alessandro Bravetti et al.)

The conformal metric structure of Geometrothermodynamics    [PDF]

Alessandro Bravetti, Cesar S. Lopez-Monsalvo, Francisco Nettel, Hernando Quevedo
We present a thorough analysis on the invariance of the most widely used metrics in the Geometrothermodynamics (GTD) programme. We centre our attention in the invariance of the curvature of the space of equilibrium states under a change of fundamental representation. Assuming that the systems under consideration can be described by a fundamental relation which is a homogeneous function of a definite order, we demonstrate that such invariance is only compatible with total Legendre transformations in the present form of the programme. We give the explicit form of a metric which is invariant under total Legendre transformations and whose induced metric produces a curvature which is independent of the fundamental representation. Finally, we study a generic system with two degrees of freedom and whose fundamental relation is homogeneous of order one.
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