Thursday, February 28, 2013

1302.6733 (Syed Touseef Hussain Shah et al.)

Focusing, Power Tunneling and Rejection from Chiral and/or Chiral
Nihility/Nihility Metamaterials Layers

Syed Touseef Hussain Shah, Faiz Ahmad, Aqeel A. Syed, Qaisar Abbas Naqvi
Focusing of electromagnetic plane wave from a large size paraboloidal reflector, composed of layers of chiral and/or chiral nihility metamaterials, has been studied us- ing Maslov's method. First, the transmission and reflection of electromagnetic plane wave from two parallel layers of chiral and/or chiral nihility metamaterials are cal- culated using transfer matrix method. The effects of change of angle of incidence, chirality parameters and impedances of layers are noted and discussed. Special cases by taking very large and small values of permittivity of second layer, while assuming value of corresponding chirality equal to zero, are also treated. These special cases are equivalent to reflection from a perfect electric conductor backed chiral layer and nihility backed chiral layer, respectively. Results of reflection from parallel layers have been utilized to study focusing from a large size paraboloidal reflector. The present study, on focusing from a paraboloidal re{\deg}ector, not only unifies several published works conducted by different researchers but also provides better understanding of new cases.
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