Thursday, February 28, 2013

1302.6760 (J. Ginibre et al.)

Modified wave operators without loss of regularity for some long range
Hartree equations. II

J. Ginibre, G. Velo
We continue the study of the theory of scattering for some long range Hartree equations with potential |x|^-gamma, performed in a previous paper, denoted as I, in the range 1/2 < gamma < 1. Here we extend the results to the range 1/3 < gamma < 1/2. More precisely, we study the local Cauchy problem with infinite initial time, which is the main step in the construction of the modified wave operators. We solve that problem without loss of regularity between the asymptotic state and the solution, as in I, but in contrast to I, we are no longer able to cover the entire subcritical range of regularity of the solutions. The method is an extension of that of I, using a better asymptotic form of the solutions, obtained as the next step of a natural procedure of successive approximations.
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